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Devigarh Palace Udaipur

Travel to Udaipur and stay in Devigarh Palace hotel of Udaipur Rajasthan to make your trip to India more heritage.

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Devigarh Palace, Udaipur
Village & P.O.- Delwara,
Udaipur, (Rajasthan)
City Center: - 27 km.
Airport Domestic: - 27 km.
Railway Station: - 27 km.
Bus Stand: - 27 km.
Shopping center: - 27 km.
Language Tanslation:- English | Français | Deutsch | Italiano | Português | Español
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  about Hotel Devigarh Palace Udaipur

Tucked away in the age-old Aravali hills of Rajasthan, the 18th century Devi Garh Fort Palace, in the village of Delwara commands one of the three main passes into the valley of Udaipur.

History :
Sajja Singh, who hailed from the neighbouring state of Gujarat, was awarded this strategically significant principality, in recognition of his bravery and loyalty to Maharana Pratap against the Mughal emperor Akbar, at the battle of Haldighati (1576). The actual construction of the fort palace started only in the 1760s, under Raghudev Singh II, with further additions being made to the structure by the rulers who followed.

The palace was absorbed into the state of Rajasthan in the 1960s, and was subsequently abandoned. Today, after years of restoration and reconstruction, Devi Garh has regained its past glory. An imposing and impressive structure, it is now a unique all-suite boutique hotel, with 23 suites and 6 tents.

Location :
Situated 26 kilometers North-East of Udaipur, Devi Garh is a convenient 45 minutes' scenic drive from the city. The fort, surrounded by lush green fields and mountains on three sides, overlooks the village of Delwara and is close to the temples of Eklingji and Nagda. The combination of a traditional Rajasthani village, the towering fort and the temples, makes for an interesting mix.Udaipur is easily accessible via air from Delhi or Mumbai, with convenient road and rail connections too.

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Interior of Devigarh Palace - UdaipurInterior of Devigarh Palace - Udaipur
The erstwhile Rajput ruler played chess here. You too are invited to have the feel of it, if you can't play chess.

Landscapes and Courtyards :
One of the most outstanding features of Devi Garh is its landscape design. Using traditional materials and motifs, contemporary designs have been created which embody the confluence between the old and the new. The raw materials used are all local, with white marble being used extensively throughout the palace. The two 12 feet high standing blocks of uncut white marble at the entrance are symbolic sculptural representations of the stone in its purest form.

Devi Garh stands, quite literally, in two worlds: the traditional and the modern. Its ambience is an eclectic mix of skillfully crafted designs, both old and new, functional and purely aesthetic. Local materials like marble and semi-precious stones have been used in contemporary designs to create an elegant beauty. Personalized service complemented by a wide range of modern facilities goes towards making Devi Garh a comfortable and attractive retreat.

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