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A perfect Bikaner holiday travel that goes beyond sightseeing. Get the best information on the hotels in India before you travel and make online hotel reservation for the cities you plan to visit.

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The imposing palaces, beautiful and richly sculptured temples of red and yellow sand stones makes Bikaner an ultimate place for the tourist. It's various palaces and temples display some of the finest creations of Rajput civilization. The wide-spread sand dunes, the moonlit glittering beauty and desert agility, the worth-seeing natural sites, the marvelous palaces and temples, wild life sanctuaries and archaeological treasures all combine to make this city a place of lasting charm and permanent attraction.

Food Habits :
Bikaner is famous all over the world for it's sweets and namkeens, the city offers over 500 years old culture and heritage, the very feel of Rajasthan. Bikaner, known in the world for it's "Bhujia & Papads", spicy snacks made from fried gram and pulses and also for "Rasgullas" a dessert.

Fairs And Festivals :
The Camel Festival -
Held in the month of January, is the most exciting festival. Competitions related to camels like camel races, milking, dancing, etc., make this festival even more interesting.

Kolayat Festival -
It is the holy festival when the people take a dip in the holy water of the Kolayat Lake. It normally takes place on the full-moon night of the Hindu month Kartik (November).

Gangaur Festival -
Dedicated to Goddess Parvati, is an 18-day long spring festival celebrated during the month of April.

Camel RaceCamel Race
Desert Sport.

Camel Safari :
Since the sun can get very hot in desert, the best times for a camel safari are in the morning and evening, even in the cooler winter months. Such safaris are usually run by professional outfits who hire raikas, the camel keepers who are adapt at finding the best routes and water holes in the desert, and navigate almost by instinct guided, of course, by the position of the stars at night.

Shopping :
Bikaner has attained popularity for items stitched out of camel hide which includes belts, wallets, bags, and Jutties (footwear) etc. Camel and sheep wool woven carpets and woolen items can be purchased from here. Bikaner is rich in jewelery and has a unique style. It is famous for enameled form of jeweler that is known as Kundan. Also worth buying are 'Nokha Quilts', known for light weight and better insulation. Beautiful cotton fabrics including sanganeri prints, tie & dies, paintings, embroidered shoes etc. are the best buys for women.

Places To Visit :
Junagarh Fort -
One of the most imposing forts of northern India-- Junagarh Fort-- has remained unconquered till date. This fort was built in 15th century by one of the most able and trusted generals of Akbar, Raja Rai Singh.

Lalgarh Palace -
Designed by a Britisher for Maharaja Ganga Singh, this palace displays a magnificent blend of oriental and European style. The imposing red sandstone monument is designed by Sir Swinton Jacob for Maharaja Ganga Singh.

The Ganga Golden Jubilee Temple -
It is one of the best in Rajasthan, houses an interesting collection of sculptures, terracotta ware, paintings and also musical instruments.

The Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary -
It is 32 kms away and located on the Jaisalmer road. Bluebull, chinkara and black buck can be found. There are flocks of imperial sand grouse too.

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