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A perfect holiday travel that goes beyond sightseeing. Get the best information on the hotels in India before you travel and make online hotel reservation for the cities you plan to visit.

India Travel Destination

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India Travel Destination
India Travel Destination
Agra is well known all over the world and is visited by averagely one million people a year, because this is the place where the ultimate symbol of love, Taj Mahal is located. For centuries, the Taj Mahal has inspired artists to try and capture its exclusive magic in word, colour and song ......

  Amar Vilas

The capital of Karnataka state, Bangalore city is located in the in the southern region of India. The seventh largest city in India, Bangalore is also known as the Garden City because of its many beautiful gardens and parks .....

  The Taj West End
  Golden Palms Spa & Resort

Darjeeling possess unmatched charm due to its natural beauty, its clean fresh mountain air and above all, its smiling resilient people. Known for its natural splendor, Darjeeling's best gift to its' visitors is the dawn of a new day ......


Delhi, the capital of India, is one of the most agile cities. It is divided into two sectors, the Old Delhi, often renews the link with the past and New Delhi, the city founded by the Englishmen .....

  The Imperial

Famously known as the city of warrior kings, poets, musicians and saints, Gwalior is an important city because of its strategic location on the Agra-Deccan main route. Many dynasties tried to claim this land including the mighty Mughals and Marathas .....

  Usha Kiran Palace

The city of temples, Madurai is also known as the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu. Madurai is rich in holding monuments in its limit and so it does in upholding cultural and traditional values .....

  Taj Garden Retreat

Visit Mumbai to feel fresh and rejuvated as it is the city of young generation. Mumbai or Bombay, remains India's city of dreams. Mumbai is India's business center and one of the most important commercial hubs between Singapore and Europe and also is home to the country's prolific Bollywood film industry .....

  Taj Mahal

A royal city, Mysore is known for its magnificent palaces, buildings, sprawling gardens and tree-lined boulevards, shimmering silks and sandalwood. It possess a seamless blend of old-world charm and modernity .....

  Lalitha Mahal Palace

Shimla is a holiday and travel destination packed with variety. There's always something new to discover and explore its spectacular countryside. Shimla also is a convenient base for variety of adventure sports such as Skiing, Trekking, Fishing and Golfing etc .....

  The Cecil

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