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Rajsamand the most rich district regarding history, religion, culture and mining includes Kumbhalgarh - the birth place of Maharana Pratap, Haldighati the famous battle field - the Thermopile, Dewair the Marathon of Mewar with Shrinathji the chief deity of Vaishnav religion besides Dwarikadheesh, Charbhuja and many Shiv temples.
Rajsamand is very well known for its marble production as the largest producing district as well as the largest single unit in the whole country. Small scale industries in this district includes mainly cottage & artisan units based on handloom , forest, leather, teracotta & livestock.

Location :
Rajasmand district is situated at the southern tip of Rajasthan adjoining Udaipur, Bhilwara, Pali, Ajmer, and Chittor districts and is oval in shape with a very narrow strip stretching towards the North. A few kilometers further on, are located the twin towns of Kankroli and Rajsamand, the latter now the headquarters of a District. As with the Shrinathji at Nathdwara, the idol of Dwarkadheeshji was installed in a new temple at Kankroli. Both the towns nestle by the beautiful lake of Rajsamand which was got built by Maharana Raj Singh.

Beautiful Lake of Rajsamand :
The chief glory of the lake lies in the elaborate main dam called "Nauchowki" (nine pavilions) after the nine cupolas - inspired, perhaps, by the flat-roofed marble 'baradaris' built by Shahjehan on the dam of the Anasagar Lake at Ajmer - which adorn it. The art and architecture shows combined Hindu and Islamic traits and the sculpted images and tableau shed interesting light on the contemporary mores.

Lake of RajsamandLake of Rajsamand
Undoubtedly the best place in India to watch a variety of migratory birds.

Places to visit around Rajsamand :
Cradled in the cluster of thirteen mountain peaks of the Aravali ranges, the formidable medieval citadel - Kumbhalgarh stands a wary sentinel to the past glory. The massive fort, encompassed by a 36 Km long wall, has seven majestic gates and seven ramparts, one within the other. Rounded bastions and soaring watch towers strengthen the walls of the fort making it an impregnable structure.

When Rana Pratap refused to show subservience, Akbar decided to chastise him and sent a big army, under Man Singh of Amer, for the purpose. On the 31st of May, 1576, the two armies which treated life as cheap and honour dear' - took positions in Haldighati, ' the turmeric - coloured vale', near Khamnor. More Pictures - Image I, Image II

Chittorgarh (Chittor)
The pride and glory of rajasthan, chittor echoes with the tales of romance and valor unique to the Rajput Tradition. A ruined citadel, where the royal past lives in its imposing forts, graceful palaces and spectacular chhatris. This fortified settlement has been ravaged thrice and each time the outcome was 'Jauhar' - when women and children immolated themselves on a huge funeral pyre while men donned in saffron robes of martyrdom rode out of the fort towards a certain death.

Nathdwara is a place of great sanctity for the Vaishnavas of Pushtimargi or Vallabha sect. Among other things, Nathdwara is known for its Pichhwais (large painting on cloth depicting legends from the life of Lord Krishna) and Haveli music (devotional music, akin to Dhrupad - singing, with compositions meant for various seasons, festivals and sections of the day).

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