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Brunton Boatyard Cochin

Travel to Cochin and stay in Brunton Boatyard hotel of Cochin to make your trip comfortable in India.

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hotel brunton boatyard in kochi, luxury hotels in cochincochin luxury hotels, 5 star hotel in cochinThe Brunton Boatyard, Cochin
The Brunton Boatyard, Cochin
Fort Cochin Kochi, (Kerala)
Airport Domestic: - 45 km.
Airport International: - 225 km.
Railway Station: - 15 km.
Bus Stand: - 15 km.
Shopping center: - 10 km.
City Center: - 10 km.
Language Tanslation:- English | Français | Deutsch | Italiano | Português | Español
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  about Brunton Boatyard Hotel Cochin

Commissioned on the 18th of August 1999, the Brunton Boatyard is a great tribute to the city of Cochin. Designed and built in the style and principle of the early Dutch and Portuguese architecture of Fort, it blends very well into the Cochin sky line. It's hard to believe that the Brunton is a new building, since it resembles the old colonial buildings of Cochin. The simple lime washed walls, sloping tile roof and terra-cotta floors with the Giant "Rain Tree" completes the picture.

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The Brunton Boatyard, CochinThe Brunton Boatyard, Cochin
The balcony is elegantly furnished and lined with flower pots which carry colorful flowers in their belly and spread aroma of thousand gardens.

Cochin is one of the finest natural harbors in the world & have a fascinating blend of the cultures of various explorers and traders, who visited this land. Another reason outsiders made their way to Cochin was Kerala's reputation for religious tolerance, The rajas (King) of Cochin offered a safe haven to Syrian Christians and Jews and these groups became an integral part of the community.

There is never a dull moment out there for boats of every size and color constantly ply these waters not forgetting the mammoth Ocean liners, which silently glide past just outside the window.

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  The Brunton Boat Yard

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