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Bangaram Island Resort Lakshwadeep

Travel to Lakshadweep and stay in Bangaram Island Resort of Lakshadweep to make your trip comfortable in India.

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Bangaram Island Resort, Lakshwadeep
South West Coast of India
Agatti, (Lakshadweep)
Airport : - 8 km.
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  about Bangaram Island Resort, Lakshwadeep

The Lakshadweep or Laccadives, as they were formerly called, are a string of little known islands, lying 200 or so miles off the Kerala coast. There are 36 main islands in all, forming an archipelago of surpassing beauty. There are coral atolls, endless sands, submerged banks and reefs, covering a magical underwater world.

The Jewel of the Lakshadweep, Bangaram Island is an uninhabited haven. Barring the occasional visitor from nearby Agatti (where the airport is situated), the only residents are the resort staff. Bangaram presents a breathtaking spectacle of sparkling coral reefs, turquoise blue lagoons, silvery beaches and lush green coconut palms. All preserved in the state little different from the days of Charam Perumal's reign. Leaving the visitor with a difficult choice. Activity or inactivity?

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Bangaram Island Resort, LakshwadeepBangaram Island Resort, Lakshwadeep
De-stress yourself with a game of volleyball in pristine nature. Exterior setting belies the amenities found inside.

The principal occupation of the people centres around fishing and coconut cultivation. The isolation of the islands have ensured the preservation of their pure culture and pristine nature, right to the present day.

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  Bangaram Island Resort, Lakshwadeep

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